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Posted by Deaniac - April 20th, 2013

I haven't really used my Newgrounds account since 2010. Three years later and I'm slowly getting back into animation.

Because I seldom use this site anymore, here's a link to my YouTube account, . I may post a few animations here and there on NG in the future but I will definitely be taking more advantage of my YouTube account in the future I've also re-uploaded my 2010 animations in spankin' new HD with the magical Swivel Converter, which, ironically, was made by a NG user.

Oh, Oh, and I also use my deviantArt account, so there's that as well.

So yeah. I don't know if anyone will be reading this but that's the downlow, homeslice. YA DIG?


Posted by Deaniac - September 27th, 2010

Read it here.

The Dumb Rock. was a bunch of old comics I made when I was 7 about the misadventures titular stupid rock, named Rock (CAPTAIN OBVIOUS TO THE RESCUE) and his human "sister", Gem Stohn. Yes, that's her real name. No, really.

Anyways, I decided to make a tribute to my little series, as it it's one of the major components that got me interested in drawing in the first place. It's also somewhat of a remake. The old strips used to make my friends and family laugh, especially the latter, as they called it "witty satire". As I got older my parents suggested I continue making Dumb Rock comics, but I never really did much beyond that. One day I looked back at my old comics and realized that I had something great and original, and that the comic was pretty humorous (consdering I was only 7 at the time) so I decided to make more. Then I realized I could share it with a broader audience outside of just my group of friends and family members: the Internet.

Now I can post these things online and have others 'round Web enjoy them as much I as love making them. I only have one strip so far, but I definitely have more in store, so be on the lookout. ;)

Oh yeah, and Hoppy II is coming along as well. Dunno when I'll finish that, because senior year's a bitch.

Posted by Deaniac - August 18th, 2010

I did not expect iMagination to be so sucessful. At all. I only thought a handful of people would like it, but DAILY 2ND PLACE? Holy bleep. I'll never know how it became so sucessful, but thanks everyone!

Well, school's about to start up in a week or so (it's my senior year, if you know what I mean), so I probably won't have as much time to work in Flash as I used to. Or maybe I will. Who knows, maybe I'll suprise myself.

In any case, expect to see a sequel to Hoppy the Bunnysaurus sometime soon, as well as something else. I'm not sure what that "something else" is right now, but I'll make up my mind. Only time will tell...

EDIT: 8/18/10 11:25am - It just made FRONT PAGE! I don't know what to say.

Daily 2nd place ain't bad! (EDIT: Front Page!!!)

Posted by Deaniac - June 15th, 2010

Okay, so here's what's up for this week.

Hoppy was a moderate sucess for the most part. It may not be front-page material, but I'm just glad people liked it. I've ALREADY written the script for Episode 2 and I plan on tackling that as soon as I finish the next project that I'm about to briefly talk about.

I don't really want to go into too much detail about this project (because I'd spoil the whole thing), but I will say that it's a satire of Apple in the form of a commercial. No, it's NOT another Mac vs. PC parody, but it makes fun of Apple in general. That's all I'll say about that.

I also have ANOTHER project planned out. It's an original series that's I've been working on since Feb '09. I haven't animated anything yet, but I have all of the characters and plots planned out. More details about that later. :)

On another note, why don't you watch what happens when BP spills coffee.

Posted by Deaniac - June 8th, 2010

Hello Newgrounds, this is Deaniac, and I'm new here. Sorta. Technically, I've been following Newgrounds for the past 4 years and I swore to join this place as soon as I honed my Flash skills (which if you haven't realized yet is now).

In any case, I can't to starting making more cartoons for this place! This feels like the beginning of a bright future. :)