Daily 2nd place ain't bad! (EDIT: Front Page!!!)

2010-08-18 09:51:28 by Deaniac

I did not expect iMagination to be so sucessful. At all. I only thought a handful of people would like it, but DAILY 2ND PLACE? Holy bleep. I'll never know how it became so sucessful, but thanks everyone!

Well, school's about to start up in a week or so (it's my senior year, if you know what I mean), so I probably won't have as much time to work in Flash as I used to. Or maybe I will. Who knows, maybe I'll suprise myself.

In any case, expect to see a sequel to Hoppy the Bunnysaurus sometime soon, as well as something else. I'm not sure what that "something else" is right now, but I'll make up my mind. Only time will tell...

EDIT: 8/18/10 11:25am - It just made FRONT PAGE! I don't know what to say.

Daily 2nd place ain't bad! (EDIT: Front Page!!!)


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2010-08-18 23:00:33

Congratulations dood :D Funny stuff, really
Hope you make some more, and not just a one time thing


2010-08-19 15:11:23

i'm gonna go blow up some people with my dolphin now kthxbie :3