The Dumb Rock - A Tribute to a Younger Time

2010-09-27 18:43:51 by Deaniac

Read it here.

The Dumb Rock. was a bunch of old comics I made when I was 7 about the misadventures titular stupid rock, named Rock (CAPTAIN OBVIOUS TO THE RESCUE) and his human "sister", Gem Stohn. Yes, that's her real name. No, really.

Anyways, I decided to make a tribute to my little series, as it it's one of the major components that got me interested in drawing in the first place. It's also somewhat of a remake. The old strips used to make my friends and family laugh, especially the latter, as they called it "witty satire". As I got older my parents suggested I continue making Dumb Rock comics, but I never really did much beyond that. One day I looked back at my old comics and realized that I had something great and original, and that the comic was pretty humorous (consdering I was only 7 at the time) so I decided to make more. Then I realized I could share it with a broader audience outside of just my group of friends and family members: the Internet.

Now I can post these things online and have others 'round Web enjoy them as much I as love making them. I only have one strip so far, but I definitely have more in store, so be on the lookout. ;)

Oh yeah, and Hoppy II is coming along as well. Dunno when I'll finish that, because senior year's a bitch.


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